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Electric Motion Escape X & XR : New Year, New Bikes

Electric Motion ESCAPE XR

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest electric dirt bike races like the Red Bull Tennessee Knockout and FIM E-Xplorer, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the intriguing new dirt bike from Electric Motion. This bike bears a resemblance to the familiar Escape R model, but with some added enduro-style features. Named the Electric Motion Escape XR, this bike has quickly become the worst-kept secret in the industry, and now that it has been officially unveiled, let’s dive into what we know about the new Electric Motion X and XR bikes.

Electric Motion has been a long-time player in the world of electric dirt bikes, with their unique trials inspired design and a focus on machines that are best suited for hard enduro environments. We’ve been singing the praises of Electric Motion for some time now, particularly when it comes to their top-tier bike, the Escape R. It’s no secret that this bike has captured our trust, especially after racing it in the Red Bull Tennessee Knockout for the past two years. It has consistently held the title of the “Best Electric Dirt Bike in Technical Terrain” here at ECR. But guess what? The new Escape XR might just take everything we love about this hardcore trials-style enduro bike and address some of its shortcomings, specifically in the suspension and ergonomics department.

Electric Motion Escape XR Side Shot

Historically, the Electric Motion’s compact size, lightweight feel, nimble characteristics, and exceptional traction make them ideal for riders looking for an easy-to-ride, yet capable, off road enduro bike. The Escape XR looks like it carries much of that spirit, but also looks like it will handle higher speeds with more ease than the R, and that is exactly what we wanted to see. 

Electric Motion Escape XR Front Side Shot

Electric Motion claims the Escape XR has been designed with a specific goal in mind: To offer limitless riding possibilities and effortless handling for riders of all levels and styles. With a hydraulic diaphragm clutch, this version is more focused on cross-country and enduro riding than any previous EM model. EM says it will satisfy the most experienced and demanding riders, while also serving as an excellent bike for beginners to hone their skills on.

From our perspective, it seems like our wish for an Escape R with burlier suspension, brakes, and a larger battery has been granted. Producing 700NM of torque via 6kW of nominal power and 12kW of peak power, the Escape XR stands as the most powerful motorcycle in the EM lineup. To extend the ride, the Escape XR is equipped with the latest long-range 3.5 kWh battery from the French manufacturer (that is .8 more kWh than the 2023 Escape R). The suspension on the Escape XR is featuring an upside down design with 250mm travel (that is roughly 75 more mm than the 2023 Escape R). This brings the seat height from 820mm in the Escape R to 850mm with the XR. In the brake department, the XR is featuring Nissin brakes with a 260mm front rotor and a 220mm rear rotor. 

Electric Motion Escape X XR Action

The Escape X also introduces new EM colors, featuring a deeper blue and a brighter orange, all with a sleek satin finish. The Fixed Regenerative Brake system adds an extra layer of control in extreme conditions, providing controlled and precise braking by slowing the rear wheel and creating an “engine brake” effect. For those seeking even greater feel and control, the optional PRB ‘R’ upgrade is available.

The Escape X showcases the latest EM technology, including a TFT screen, EM Connect, TKO, Anti Reverse, and FRB (Fixed Regenerative Brake).

These bikes seem to combine the best features of the Escape R model with improved suspension, ergonomics and power, making it another choice for riders in our genre. Needless to say, we’re super excited to see another option from Electric Motion and can’t wait to swing a leg over the bike. 

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