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The New Electric Dual Sport On The Block: Solar E-Scape First Ride

Solar E-Scape Electric Dirt Bike

The rise of electric dirt bikes is evident as their popularity continues to soar in recent years. Solar, a renowned brand that initially specialized in electric scooters, has decided to join the trend by introducing their latest product – the E-Clipse. This new lightweight electric dual sport dirt bike holds promise for those looking for a street oriented eMoto with an off road aesthetic.

Equipped with a 72V 45Ah battery, the E-Clipse boasts a powerful 8kW of power via its Orient 300 Amp controller (120A continous), which also has power adjustability via its bluetooth capabilities. To keep the controller cool, the E-Clipse features an integrated fan under the seat to help expel heat away from the controller.

Although the battery on this bike is detachable from the side, it can quite be considered a quick swap. To open the battery door, you will need to unscrew a couple of bolts, which then make it possible to then remove the battery from its compartment.

The Solar E-Clipse is sprung by a KKE fork and shock, and features 19″ wheels front and rear. The bike also comes with street legal equipment, including a turn signal kit and a bright headlight with high and low beams. Speaking of street legal equipment, the bike also comes stamped with a 17 digit vin if you want to try and register it.

The Solar E-Clipse stays true to the lightweight eMoto category, tipping the scale at 134 pounds with the battery included.

In terms of ergonomics, the E-Clipse has a longer wheelbase than what we typically see in bikes like the SurRon Lightbee X and Talaria Sting. However, the front wheel of the bike has minimal rake and trail, which results in a steering feel that is more akin to a street motorcycle.

The rear shock’s linkage-less design and the small 219 chain suggest that it’s not targeted for off-road riding. Overall, the bike feels like it is best suited for street and light dirt road use. The design appears to be more style over function and the off road crowd might want to look to a different make and model of bike if they expect to spend a lot of time in the dirt. Interestingly, the E-Clipse manual specifically states that the bike is not intended for “extreme driving” and advises against jumping the bike or using it for unintended purposes. This is likely due to the bike’s design and intended use as a commuter or city bike rather than a hardcore off-road or motocross machine.

During our test, the E-Clipse covered 18.6 miles at 50% battery and 27.3 miles at 25%. We’ll continue to test the bike to determine the cause of the brake sensor issue and intermittent shut-off. We’ll also unlock the governor and test the top speed.

Overall, these characteristics make the E-Clipse a positive addition to the electric motorcycle market, especially for those who are looking for a lightweight, street-oriented bike for commuting or running errands around town. While it may not be designed for extreme off-road riding, its longer wheelbase and street motorcycle-like steering make it a comfortable and stable ride. We think the E-Clipse is a promising new model that is helping to pave the way for a new generation of lightweight electric motorcycles designed for urban environments, with a serving of dirt road on the side.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Solar E-Clipse, you can find it for sale from Solar on the ECR Marketplace at a current MSRP of $5,995.

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