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2023 Talaria Sting R (MX4): First Look

New 2023 Talaria Sting R MX4

The new 2023 Talaria Sting R, also known as the MX4, is the latest addition to the Talaria lineup. With an increase in power, updated motor, and a larger capacity battery, the MX4 is a significant improvement from its predecessor, the MX3. We linked up with Talaria to take a closer look at the new features of the Sting R MX4, as well as our first impressions of riding the bike.

The Sting R MX4 now boasts 8kW of peak power, which is a significant jump from the MX3’s 6kW. The motor has also been updated to a more durable IPM motor. Additionally, the 60v battery now has a capacity of 45Ah, which is 7 Amp hours more than the MX3. To accommodate the increase in power, the bike has been equipped with updated brakes, including 220mm rotors and upgraded calipers and master cylinders.

The Sting R MX4 is also sporting the updated Talaria Factory fork and shock. It comes with a peg brace, slightly taller bars, and a reinforced bracket for the gearbox. The bike weighs 145.5 pounds with the battery.

New 2023 Talaria Sting R MX4
Test Riding the new 2023 Talaria Sting R MX4

2023 Talaria Sting R MX4 – The Good

Our first impression of riding the MX4 was the noticeable improvement in acceleration. While it may not be a significant difference, it is an improvement from the stock Surron Lightbee X and Talaria Sting that we are all used to riding. 

The Talaria Factory fork and shock are the best out-of-the-box suspension currently being offered on this style of eMoto. The fork is especially more robust and offers more tuning options than any other option being offered on a stock Talaria Sting or Surron Lightbee X.

2023 Talaria Sting R MX4 – The Bad

However, when it comes to bike balance, we still found the Talaria Sting R to be pitched a little too far forward and low in the front. This stink bug effect is a common issue in this genre, but luckily there are simple solutions for correcting it.

Another negative is that we noticed that the battery rattles around in the battery compartment, which was a big problem on the MX3 and appears to still be an issue on this bike.

New 2023 Talaria Sting R MX4
2023 Talaria Sting R MX4

While we did not get to properly test the range of the Sting R MX4, we anticipate that the increase in power will consume more battery, resulting in similar range as the MX3, despite the larger battery. The upside is that we now have a faster bike. One thing to note is that riders who select the “eco” power mode may see an increase in range. 

Overall, the Sting R MX4 is a worthy update to the popular Talaria Sting platform. While it may not be a significant improvement from its predecessor, it offers more power, better suspension, and improved braking. While some issues still need to be addressed, such as the battery rattling, the MX4 is a solid option for those looking for an eMoto in this category.

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2023 Talaria Sting R MX4 Specifications


Chassis Material: 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy

Headlight: LED

Front Fork: Fastace / Talaria Factory

Rear Shock: Fastace / HT / Talaria Factory

Wheel Size: 19”

Tire: FR 70/100-19  /  RR 80/100-19

Max. Range: 120 km @ 25 Km/h

Net Weight: 66 Kg (Including Battery)

Vehicle Dimension: 1880mm x 770mm x 1088mm

Seat Height: 840mm

Wheelbase: 1250mm

Handlebar Length: 760mm

Ground Clearance: 300mm


Motor type: DC IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet)

Mounting Position: Middle of the Frame

Weight: 7.0 kg

Motor Ext. Diameter: 180mm

Peak Efficiency: 92%

Cooling Method: Air Cooled


Controller Type: FOC

Weight: 2 Kg

Dimension: 248mm x 128mm x 50mm

Peak Efficiency: 92%

Highest Work Temp: 100°


Nominal Voltage: 60V (DC)

Rated Power: 4KG (Factory limited to 800W)

Maximum Speed: 85 Km/h (Factory limited to 32 Km/h)

Nominal Torque: 45 N.M


Gear Ratio: 8.35 (44T) / 9.18 (48T)

1st Transmission: Gearbox

2nd Transmission: Chain


Battery Pack: 60V 45AH

Battery Size: 170mm x 140mm x 380mm

Battery Weight: 12.85 KG

Battery Cells: LG Brand 21700 Cell (5000 MAH/Cell)

Speedometer: Speed / Battery Level, Voltage, cycle / Odometer

Regen Adjustment: 4 Levels Adjustable in the Speedometer

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