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Honda CRF-E2: Big Red Goes Electric For The Kids

Child with Honda CRF-E2 electric dirtbike in studio.

This week the folks at Big Red introduced their first production electric motorcycle, the Honda CRF-E2. Made in collaboration with Southern California-based Greenger Powersports, this mini-crosser is billed as a competitive two-wheeler for the youth, roughly equivalent to a 50cc gas bike.

Don’t let the small size fool you though: Honda didn’t build the CRF-E2 as another pocket bike or trail toy like the current CRF50F: This electric kid’s bike is taking aim at the competitive youth riding/racing market, and from the look of things it might become the best buy in the genre.

Honda CRF-E2 Overview: Specs, Equipment, MSRP, Etc.

Youth jumping a Honda CRF-E2 motorcycle in the desert.

The list of competitive offroad bikes for young kids is a short one, and if you’re shopping electric-only, it’s shorter still. The main game in town for a 50cc equivalent is KTM’s SX-5 (and its Husqvarna EE5 sister), with a few alternatives from smaller companies like Torrot and Oset.

From a power standpoint, the Honda CRF-E2 is competitively specced with the best in the business, putting down a claimed 3.4 hp and 18.4 ft-lbs of torque. That’s a significant bump over the KTM’s 13.8 ft-lbs, but at 106 pounds, the Honda is also a bit heavier than the KTM’s 89-pound curb weight.

Youth on electric Honda dirt bike going through a turn.

Riders also get 3.9 inches of suspension travel from the CRF-E2’s conventional front fork, modern stopping power from a pair of hydraulic brakes (both using 190mm rotors), and a proper set of knobby 12-inch Kenda K771 tires mounted to spoke aluminum wheels.

At first glance the only thing the CRF is lacking over the competition is outright suspension quality (KTM/Husky spec their mini-crossers with fully-adjustable WP suspension), but from where we’re standing, two things may truly set it apart in the market: Price and battery power.

A kids electric dirt bike going through whoops on a race track.

Price is the most significant here, as the CRF-E2 hits showroom floors with a $2,950 starting MSRP. Considering KTM’s latest offering starts at $5,400, getting your kid into motocross just got a lot more affordable. The Oset MX-10 is the closest competitor here with a $3,200 price tag, but both bikes are missing the CRF’s secret sauce: Hot-swappable batteries.

By leveraging the experience and know-how of collaborator Greenger Powersports, Honda was able to design a chassis around Greenger’s latest 20Ah battery (they also use a Greenger motor and controller), which features the same 2-hour maximum runtime as the competition but pops out from under the seat with ease thanks to its compact size and scant 11.9-pound weight.

This tech gives parents the option of keeping a spare battery on hand to keep the fun going, or buying the optional 8A quick charger which cuts charge times down to 2.5 hours for a 100% charge. The CRF comes with a standard 5A charger as well, which takes about 4 hours for a full recharge from a standard socket.

Hot-swappable batteries are ideal for smaller output machines like this, but we’ll go ahead and warn you now: Greenger has set the starting MSRP for additional cells at $1,000 a pop through your authorized Honda dealer. Granted you can still get a new CRF-E2 and an extra four hours’ worth of battery power for less than a new KTM, but your kid will be cutting grass well into middle school before you see any return on that investment.

Electric Honda CRF-E2 dirt bike sitting in a studio.

Honda CRF-E2 Specs

Electric Motor:48 V- BLDC motor with inner rotor
Rated Output1.2 KW / 2000RPM
Max. Power:2.5 KW
Torque:Rate:5.5Nm; Max:25Nm
Max Motor Speed:4,000 RPM
Final Drive:1:7.1
Drive Mode:Stage 1 , Stage 2
Cooling System:Air Cooled
Powerpack:Swappable lithium-Ion battery, L*W*H:145*91*270mm, Weight:5.9kg(13lb)
Capacity/Energy:20 AH/960 Wh
Charging Time 100%:Standard: 4 Hours , Quick Charge: 2.5 Hours
Charging Time 80%:Standard: 3.2 Hours , Quick Charge: 2 Hours
Run Time:2 hours in ideal conditions with full charge
Charger Line Voltage:90-264 V/50-60 Hz
Charging Input:1.3A@230V(AC)
Charging Power:290 W
Frame:Aluminum twin-spar with Double-Cradle
Handlebar:Tapered Aluminum ϕ22mm
Front Suspension:Hydraulic Conventional Telescopic Fork ϕ33mm, Length 600mm(24.25inches)
Rear Suspension:DNM Rebound/Preload Adjustable,Length 230mm(9inches)
Suspension Travel Front /Rear:100mm(3.9ins)/210mm(8.3inches)
Front Brake:Hydraulic caliper w/ 190 mm petal-style rotor; right-hand-lever actuated
Rear Brake:Hydraulic caliper w/ 190 mm petal-style rotor; left-hand-lever actuated
Front /Rear Rims:12×1.6 spoke aluminum rim
Front /Rear Tires:60/100-12 Kenda® Millville K771 knobby tire
Steering Head Angle:25°
Triple Clamp Offset:25°
Wheel Base:970mm (38inches)
Handlebar Height:860mm (33.8inches)
Ground Clearance:200mm (7.8inches)
Seat Height:Adjustable 630mm (24.8inches) / 650mm (25.5inches)
Overall length:1395mm (55inches)
Overall Width:690mm (27.1inches)
Overall Height:920mm (36.2inches)
Max Load:45kg (99lb)
Weight:48kg (106lb)

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