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Uncrate X Moonbikes Electric Snowmobile Has Serious Drip

How cool is the Moonbikes electric snowmobile? 

Apparently cool enough for the “purveyor of all things cool” Uncrate to spark up a collab with the French startup. 

Yes, Uncrate is now selling a limited edition of the world’s first lightweight electric snowmobile straight off their website, and they’ve given it the Darth Vader treatment as a subtle flex. 

Moonbikes electric snowmobile profile.
Photo: Uncrate

Spec-wise the Moonbikes x Uncrate is identical to the current line of Moonbikes electric snowmobiles, with the exception of its distinctive all-black paint scheme and subtle “Uncrate” badging. 

In case you’re not familiar with the Moonbike, it cranks out gobs of torque (it’s rated at 170 Nm), weighs only 200 lbs (less than a third of your average snowmobile), tops out at 26 miles per hour, and runs for up to three full hours of backcountry shenanigans with its optional 3.2 kWh battery back. 

It’s also so compact you can literally load it up on a trailer-hitch carrier (we’re talking even compact SUVs here) and take it with you to your next cabin in the woods getaway. 

I mean we’re just going to come right out and say it here: This is basically an electric snow Grom. It just oozes that “not trying to be cool” cool factor. 

And, just like a Grom, the Moonbike is both fun to ride and easy to ride. Look, don’t get us wrong, we’d love to throw a Timbersled on our KTM Freerides and go rip around on a bluebird day but… We wouldn’t invite your Grandma to take one for a spin, ya know?

Moonbikes X Uncrate action shot.
Photo: Uncrate

The Moonbikes X Uncrate model can be ordered from their site starting at $10,900, with early orders scheduled to arrive in time for Christmas this year. You’ll be paying a premium for the Batmobile paint job (the standard Moonbike is considerably less starting at $8,500), but if you’re a fan of Uncrate’s other EV collabs like the Tarform Luna or Droog Mini Fighter, this Moonbikes electric snowmobile will be right up your alley.

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