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Serial 1 Debuts MOSH/TRIBUTE eBike

We gave a first look at the new Serial 1 eBikes back in August, a sharp group of electric bikes with superior styling. It was noted, however, that they don’t quite look like the prototype model, a homage to the “Model 1”, Harley Davidson’s first-ever motorcycle.

Well, we should have known more was coming. Serial 1 unveiled it’s limited-edition MOSH/TRIBUTE eBike today at Electrify Expo, and it looks exactly like the prototype we fell in love with.

As explained by Serial 1: “The new S1 Series will roll out special, limited-edition versions of the company’s production eBikes that have been elevated with premium finishes, added technology, exclusive components, and unmatched attention to detail. Production of the S1 MOSH/TRIBUTE, available for pre-order today, will be limited to just 650 units total — 325 available in the United States and 325 available in Europe. Delivery is anticipated for late Q4 of this year.

The MOSH/TRIBUTE does stay true to the original prototype, including rich gloss black paint with gold graphics, distinctive, white-toned Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires (exclusive to Serial 1), a hand-crafted, honey-colored leather saddle and matching leather grips from Brooks England, and a stamped-brass shield mounted to the front signature light.” 

Aside from the special glossy paint and components, we are told the limited-edition Serial 1 Tribute bike will maintain all the features and functionality of their standard MOSH/CTY model. Those standard features include a Gates Carbon Drive belt, Brose mid-mount motor and TRP hydraulic disc brakes. Additionally, all the same internally routed cables, wiring, and integrated lighting will also be found on the limited-edition bike.

We look forward to racing down urban streets on the new Serial 1 eBikes. Until then, more information on Serial 1’s S1 Series can be found at

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