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New All-Electric Race Series: The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has announced an all-electric, off-road race series named the E-Xplorer world cup.

Set to begin in early 2022, the E-Xplorer world cup will feature five races across the globe, ranging from the United States to Switzerland. The race environments will encourage spectators to enjoy the outdoors while watching competitors as they are challenged with a mixture of urban and natural terrain.

The race series will embody 20 riders across 10 teams, each team consisting of one male and one female rider. Competitors are set to race electric off-road motorcycles weighing under 130 kg (286 pounds).

A review process for manufacturers is already underway, although, the teaser videos and photos feature the KTM Freeride E-XC, Electric Motion Escape and CAKE Kalk. Three sub 130 kg motorcycles that are likely to be the best fit for this category of racing.

“We are long overdue a credible motorcycle series in the off-road segment and for me E-Xplorer is it.” said renowned motorcycle promoter and project consultant Eric Peronnard. “I’ve been a fan of electric bikes from the get-go – even creating the first electric motorcycle race in 2008 – and been riding them ever since they’ve been on the market; they’re quiet, better for the planet, better for racing and simply more fun! Having a platform like E-Xplorer presents the ideal opportunity for manufacturers to come onboard to showcase not only their technology but their support for the future of riding.”

E-Xplorer CEO Valentin Guyonnet said: “We are delighted to be making this announcement today alongside the FIM. We have seen the growing trend for electric racing and the fusion of sport and sustainability, so for us the next step was to expand that to motorcycling. In addition to creating a platform to test electric two-wheel technology, we want to challenge the current perception of motorbikes and their riders to excite the next generation, and to present a global e-mobility solution that isn’t just limited to cars.”

We will be patiently waiting for the E-Xplorer World Cup to release their dates and locations for the series. Until then, it’s exciting to see an all-electric off-road race series in the works.

Source: FIM

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