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CAKE Kalk OR Is Premium Fun Right Out Of The Box

cake kalk or motorcycle testing.

Custom Ohlins suspension, trail-loving torque, and Swedish style in a sub-200 lbs package.

If you’re on the fence about electric trail bikes, the CAKE Kalk OR may be the flagship model that converts you to battery power. 

While its minimalist white and grey frame are about as modern-looking as it gets, this bike delivers some offroad chops that even the most die-hard two-stroke rider is sure to appreciate. We spent some time with the CAKE Kalk OR ripping around singletrack in the mountains of Colorado and are thoroughly convinced CAKE has built one of the best out-of-the-box electric bikes to date. 

cake kalk or
Photo: CAKE

CAKE had both the front and rear suspension, custom made by Ohlins for the Kalk OR platform, and their 204mm of air-sprung travel is some of the best we’ve ridden.

In terms of power, the CAKE Kalk OR puts down 280Nm of torque to the rear wheel, which provides a fantastic low-end feel that loves to rip out of corners. 

CAKE specs the Kalk with an 11kW permanent magnet motor and a massive 80 tooth rear sprocket which provide ample throttle response right up to the OR’s 56 mph top speed. Three power modes are available, starting with CAKE’s “explore” mode, which limits speeds to 28 mph and gives riders between three and four hours of runtime. “Excel” mode provides full performance with about 1 hour of runtime, and “excite” mode lands in the middle, providing entertaining acceleration and about 2 hours of playtime depending on how you ride it. 

The CAKE Kalk OR also has three selectable modes for engine braking, which are designed to replicate the feel of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, with the third option shutting engine braking off entirely. 

CAKE equips the Kalk with their own “Trail Saver” tires, which deliver decent grip on the trail while minimizing rolling resistance and any environmental footprint left on the ground. Riders of technical singletrack will likely prefer more aggressive knobbies (like those found on the Kalk INK model). Formula four piston hydraulic brakes bite 220mm rotors front and rear for fantastic stopping power.

Recharging duty is handled using standard 110/220V outlets, and the CAKE can be fully recharged in about three hours. 

Current MSRP is $13,000, but riders interested in getting into a CAKE Kalk without paying for the Ohlins Gold should check out the Kalk INK, which starts about $3,500 lower.

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