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The Best Lightweight Electric Dirt Bikes Under $5,000 in 2024

We tested these 8 lightweight electric dirt bikes to find out what is the best electric dirt bike in 2024

If you’re looking for the best lightweight electric dirt bike under $5,000 in today’s current market, then we’ve got you covered. We tested eight of the most popular lightweight eMotos to find out the pros and cons of each bike.

To get well-rounded feedback, we had a range of ECR test riders with varying backgrounds, sizes, and skill levels. Our team included Dustin, a double A class enduro racer; Michael, a B class racer; Mike, a former downhill mountain bike racer; and yours truly, Tucker, the founder of ECR. Together, we rode each bike in various environments and ranked them based on our unique perspectives. Here’s a breakdown of our findings.

The Test Bikes

We tested the following bikes:

  • Beta Explorer
  • Surron Lightbee X
  • Talaria Sting R
  • Rawrr Mantis
  • E Ride Pro SS 2.0
  • Stage 2 M1
  • RFN Ares DLX Version 2.0
  • 79Bike Falcon M

Each bike was evaluated in categories such as drag races, battery range tests, ease of battery removal, braking, suspension, weight, peak power, and price.

Peak Power

In peak power rankings, the RFN and Beta tied for first place with 12.5kW. The E Ride Pro followed closely with 12kW peak and 5kW nominal. The Surron Lightbee X and Stage 2 tied for last place with 6kW peak and 3kW nominal power. It’s important to note that three bikes (E Ride Pro SS, Beta Explorer, RFN Ares DLX) have a turbo button that temporarily boosts power. Therefore, consider nominal power alongside peak power.

2024 Electric Dirt Bikes with the Best Peak Power

Drag Race

Our first test was a drag race to see which bike had the best acceleration and top speed. We started with the Beta Explorer, Surron Lightbee X, Talaria Sting R, and Rawrr Mantis. From this group, it was clear that the Talaria Sting R came out on top. We then raced the Talaria Sting R against the RFN, E Ride Pro, and Stage 2, quickly showing that the E Ride Pro SS was the bike to beat. Finally, once the Falcon M arrived, we raced it against the second-fastest bike, the Talaria Sting R. The Falcon M quickly stole the spot away from Talaria as the 2nd fastest bike, while the E Ride Pro SS emerged as the clear winner in acceleration and top speed.

drag race against the fastest electric dirt bikes in 2024

Battery Capacity and Range

We ran each bike down to roughly 15 percent power to determine which electric dirt bike has the best battery range. The RFN Ares Rally DLX topped the battery capacity list with 3.2kWh, followed by the E Ride Pro with 2.9kWh. However, the E Ride Pro provided the best range at 25 miles per charge, followed by the 79Bike Falcon M with 24 miles, and the RFN with 23 miles. The Talaria Sting R reached 19 miles, the Lightbee X 17 miles, the Beta 15 miles, the Rawrr 14 miles, and the Stage 2 M1 11 miles.

2024 Electric Dirt Bikes with the Best Battery Range

2024 Electric Dirt Bikes with the Best Battery Capacity

Battery Removal

We ranked the bikes from quickest and easiest to slowest and hardest in battery removal:

What is the easiest swappable battery on the 2024 electric dirt bikes?

The Lightbee X, Sting R, E Ride Pro, and 79Bike all have an almost identical battery compartment. Although they all fit into a similar style, not all batteries are sized equally, nor are their battery compartments, and some of these bikes have a real hard time removing the battery. 

For this reason, we give the tip of the hat to the Lightbee X, followed by the Sting R, E Ride Pro, and 79Bike, which was the most challenging out of this style due to its big battery in a small compartment. A caveat to this, is that the easier the removal, also seemed to result in the most rattling of the battery. So expect to shim these battery compartments to help stop the battery from rattling. 

Next would be the Rawrr Mantis, with its automatic button making battery changes a breeze but we docked it for the system not working when the battery is disconnected.

We love the full-size seat on the Stage 2, but it does make for some slower battery swaps.

The same goes for the RFN and the Beta, which both have the exact same complex design. However, being that the RFN battery is a bit heavier, we give the nod to the Beta for easier removal.


The 79Bike had the best brakes by a long shot. These are by far the best brakes we’ve seen on a stock eMoto. The runner up was the E Ride Pro SS. The Rawrr Mantis came in a distant last place in this category.

2024 Electric Dirt Bikes with the Best Brakes


The Surron was the lightest at 123 pounds, while the Mantis was the heaviest at 165 pounds. The 79Bike Falcon M was among the lighter options with a bigger 72v battery at 130 pounds.

2024 Electric Dirt Bikes by weight


The Talaria Sting R had the best suspension, which is a significant advantage for this bike. Our test bike came equipped with a FastAce fork and FastAce shock, and some models come with the Talaria Factory fork, making it the nicest factory suspension choice we’ve seen.

The runner-up was the Surron Lightbee X, which surprised us because some of the early model Surrons did not come with very consistent suspension. We thought the E Ride Pro SS suspension had good hold-up, but it didn’t feel as compliant as the Sting R or Lightbee X.

The Stage 2 M1 came with a FastAce fork, which was desirable, but it has a linkage-less shock that, although it performed better than we thought, was a bit of a negative mark against the bike. The Beta and RFN had decent setups but were lacking compared to the others. The Rawrr Mantis felt stiff but also has a linkage-less shock, and the 79Bike had the least favorable suspension setup of the bunch.

2024 Electric Dirt Bikes with the best suspension


2024 Electric Dirt Bikes by price

Prices can vary depending on where you purchase your bike, but when going off of the MSRPS, the Stage 2 M1 being the most affordable at $4,200 and the Beta Explorer being the most expensive at $5,200.

Individualized Breakdown

Beta Explorer

  • Pros: Iconic brand, extensive dealer network, favorable body work, 18” rear wheel with Kenda tires.
  • Cons: Brake sensors can’t be easily disconnected, flexy swingarm, complicated battery removal, low front end, low power.

Surron Lightbee X

  • Pros: Established dealer network, lots of aftermarket options, good for dirt jump and BMX style riding, improved suspension.
  • Cons: Underpowered, outdated brakes and ergonomics, small and less comfortable for larger riders.

Rawrr Mantis

  • Pros: Larger feel, decent initial power, stiff suspension.
  • Cons: Early power sign-off, poor brakes, step seat design.

Talaria Sting R

  • Pros: Solid ergonomics, consistent power, excellent suspension, lots of upgrade options.
  • Cons: Battery rattling, small 44-tooth rear sprocket.

RFN Ares Rally

  • Pros: Longer-lasting rocket mode, upgraded tires, great foot pegs, swappable headlight/number plate combo, reinforced swingarm. 
  • Cons: Low front end, disconnected throttle response, tendency to drag pegs in ruts, low power.

Stage 2 M1

  • Pros: Comfortable, good ergonomics, solid fork.
  • Cons: Slow overall, poor battery range, unusual bar bend, no battery percentage readout.

E Ride Pro SS

  • Pros: Fastest bike, highest top speed, good suspension hold-up, nice features.
  • Cons: Touchy front end, large display might be vulnerable.

79Bike Falcon M

  • Pros: Fast, powerful brakes, minimal rattling.
  • Cons: Stripped primary belts, clunky linkage noise, weaker suspension.

What Is The Best Lightweight Electric Dirt Bike?

The E Ride Pro SS Version 2.0 came out as our unanimous top pick for the best lightweight electric dirt bike under $5,000 in 2024. The Talaria Sting R came in a very close 2nd place due to it’s superior suspension, ergonomics, and favorable transmission. We all agreed that if the Talaria Sting R had the power of the E Ride Pro SS, it would be the clear winner. Check back for other content because we will be modifying the Surron Lightbee X and Talaria Sting R to see if we can get them to be as competitive as the E Ride Pro SS.

What is the best lightweight electric dirt bike in 2024?

Final Scores

  1. E Ride Pro SS
  2. Talaria Sting R
  3. 79Bike Falcon M
  4. Surron Lightbee X
  5. Stage 2 M1
  6. RFN Ares Pro DLX
  7. Beta Explorer
  8. Rawrr Mantis

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