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We Tested MX Suspension on the Surron Ultra Bee

WP and EXT Suspension Upgrades for Surron Ultra Bee

In this video, we show off a setup that has been on and off of this bike a lot of times over the last year.

It’s the WP 43mm Fork Conversion for the Surron Ultra Bee paired with the EXT REA MX Shock.

We thought you Surron Ultra Bee owners would be interested to see the current testing process, so we decided to pull the curtain back and show you riders what is working and not working with this suspension setup, as well as our process for figuring out the best overall solution. 

Spoiler alert: Despite the limitations we’re working through, this WP fork and EXT shock combo is the best suspension we’ve tested so far on the Ultra Bee.

Ultra Bee with KTM Fork

Surron Ultra Bee MX Suspension

No matter if you’re doing a full fork swap or just working within the parameters of the stock KKE fork, we highly recommend tuning your Ultra Bee suspension! Aside from the 21/18 wheel upgrade, it may be the most important upgrade you can make to your Ultra Bee. 

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