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It’s Real: The Dust Moto Model 1 Alpha Is Here.

Dust Moto Model 1 Alpha Electric Dirt Bike

The Model 1 is Dust Moto’s first electric dirt bike. And this is the first generation, or alpha build, of the Model 1. What sets Dust apart is their openness in sharing their development process. Most brands wouldn’t show you this version of their bike.

Since this is a prototype, we won’t be doing a full review. Instead, it’s a feedback session with Dust, giving us a chance to try out the alpha version of the bike.

These current Alpha specs will most definitely change as this bike develops, but we’re sure you’re interested to know exactly how the Alpha build is currently set up:

It’s got a custom 72 volt nominal, 39 amp hour battery that is juicing a Silixcon SL controller running 200 nominal and 350 peak phase amps to a QS 165 v3 motor – which is resulting in 25 kW of peak power and roughly 15 kW of nominal power.

For suspension, the Dust Alpha has a WP 43mm fork mated to KTM Freeride EXC triple clamps. In the rear, it’s got an Ohlins shock sized for a Yamaha YZ 85.

For wheels, it’s got a 21” front and 19” rear wheel.

All of this is bolted to a custom steel frame with an aluminum sub frame and swing arm, and the bike is covered in custom machined ABS plastics.

Check out more about Dust Moto and the F50 Program Here at

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