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CFMOTO Is Developing A New Electric Motocross Bike: The EVMX

CFMOTO EVMX Electric Motocross Prototype

CFMOTO may not be a household name (yet), but they are far from being a new player in the manufacturing industry. While their motorcycles, side x sides, and ATV’s may not be widely recognized, CFMOTO has quietly been working behind the scenes with some very well-known brands. CFMOTO is actually one of the production partners of the renowned Austrian manufacturer, KTM. Now, do we have your attention?

Since their establishment in Hangzhou, China in 1989, CFMOTO has been steadily making a name for themselves. With everything they need right at their fingertips, Chinese manufacturers like CFMOTO have the ability to produce materials at a faster pace and a more affordable cost compared to other countries. Makes sense that some big players would lean on them for their expertise. But all of this give some credible context to the brand, because this isn’t about the big players like KTM, this is about CFMOTO.

CFMOTO Electric Dirt Bike

CFMOTO is taking a step into the future with their latest project: the development of an electric motocross bike called the EVMX. It’s no surprise that the popularity of electric dirt bikes has grown over the last several years, and CFMOTO is paying attention to that growing demand within the motocross community for an electric bike that can deliver competitive performance to its gas-powered counterparts. Their prototype electric motocross bike serves as an initial foray into this popular new category. And considering CFMOTO’s track record of competitive pricing with their gas bikes, we are confident that this electric offering will also be affordable.

CFMOTO Electric Motocross Bike

We honestly don’t know much about the bike yet. Yes, as you would expect, it will have a claimed high-performance battery, abundant torque, and low noise levels. Lack of specs aside, the bike does go, and it goes pretty damn good, as friend of ECR, Ronnie Renner shows us here in this video:

So keep in tune as we dig up some more dirt on what CFMOTO has planned. But in the meantime, a big hallelujah to see another key motorcycle industry player getting involved with the optimistic future of electric dirt bikes. 


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