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Introducing Dust Moto: American-Made Electric Dirt Bikes

Dust Moto Logo

Dust Moto, a recently emerged manufacturer, is poised to make its mark in the electric dirt bike industry with a strong focus on American craftsmanship. Drawing from their expertise gained at UBCO Bikes, the team behind Dust Moto is committed to producing electric dirt bikes that showcase the quality and reliability associated with American manufacturing. Having known the Dust crew personally from their time at UBCO, we’re excited to see what they’ll create in this market. 

While Dust Moto is still in its early stages and not yet showcasing their bike publicly, their dedication to American craftsmanship is a key differentiator. Surprising as it is, we’re yet to see a true American dirt bike manufacturer and Dust Moto aims to tap into the appetite for supporting local brands and promoting American-made products. With their background in electric vehicle production and a commitment to the core moto rider, we think this could be a big win for the industry. 

We look forward to seeing what Dust Moto will contribute to the electric dirt bike industry. As the brand continues to develop and unveil its offerings, we will be following along here at ECR. 

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