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KKE 21/18 Wheels for the SurRon Ultra Bee

KKE Wheels for Surron Ultra Bee

The first upgrade that we wanted to experiment with when testing our new 2023 SurRon Ultra Bee was a 21″ front and 18″ rear wheel set. Similar to the popular SurRon Light Bee, the stock SurRon Ultra Bee comes with a 19″ rim front and rear. While this is a great option for keeping manufacturer cost and weight low, it leaves something to be desired when it comes to performance, traction and stability. We found that the stock 19″ front wheel on the SurRon Ultra Bee makes the bike feel somewhat nervous and twitchy, and has a tendency to “tuck” or oversteer in corners.

The main issue that we noticed is that the SurRon Ultra Bee naturally sits low in the front and high in the rear. This lack of balance puts an emphasis on the oversteer feeling in the front end. To compensate for that, we loosened the rear shock collar in an effort to take pre load out of the shock, in other words lowering the rear end or increasing sag in the of the Ultra Bee. In the front, we stiffened the KKE fork so that it would not dive so much in corners. This change helped the Ultra Bee in the steering department, but the byproduct result is that it made the rear end of the bike feel harsh and uncomfortable.

To add to that issue even further, the stock 19″ tires on the SurRon Ultra Bee come in size 80/100-19, front and rear, which is a very rare tire size. Most traditional 19 inch front tires come in the smaller size of 70/100-19. Putting this traditional, smaller front tire on the Ultra Bee would make the bike even lower up front, which would further emphasize the oversteer feeling in corners.

With all of this being considered, it seemed that the most logical solution would be to upgrade the wheels to a more traditional wheel size, with a 21 inch front and 18 inch (or 19 inch) rear wheel. This would add some height to the front of the bike, allowing us to add pre load back into the shock and get the bike feeling more balanced, stable and confident in corners. Not to mention, it now opens a lot more traditional tire options.

The OEM supplier for Surron wheels (and several other hard parts on the Ultra Bee), KKE, was able to quickly provide us with a new 21/18 wheel combo for our SurRon Ultra Bee test bike.

We like the KKE wheels so much that we decided to sell them at ECR Parts. Coming in at a very affordable price, it’s hard to deny that this is a great option for getting a full size wheel combo on your SurRon Ultra Bee at a low price.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of these KKE wheels for the SurRon Ultra Bee, you can find them for sale here.

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