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Huge Hits at Royal Hills on the Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT eMTB

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT

This looks way too fun not to share. Check out the Cannondale’s long-travel gravity eMTB, the Moterra Neo Carbon LT, going big at the Royal Hills Bike Park with Josh Bryceland at the helm.

Credit: Cannondale

Press Release:

The Royal Hills Bike Park in the south of France is home to some of the biggest, burliest jump lines in the world for riders to push their limits. Cannondale Waves crew member and legendary downhill athlete Josh Bryceland — aka Ratboy — is no stranger to top speeds and high-consequence lines. In his latest edit, he steps out of his comfort zone to showcase what’s possible on Cannondale’s Moterra Neo Carbon LT eMTB.

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LE1 eMTB
Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LE1 eMTB. Credit: Cannondale

At first, Bryceland isn’t quite sure if competing at Royal Fest on the Moterra is possible, given no one has ever ridden at a “freestyle event” on an eMTB. After sending the entire line at the park, Josh proves that defying gravity and hitting a jump line that stacks up to motocross sized features is entirely possible with an eMTB, reshaping what’s possible for future competitions.

Jumps this size would be dizzying to most, but Bryceland’s care-free attitude shines through as he steps up to the challenge to prove that an eMTB won’t hold back any rider. As an added benefit, the Moterra Neo is the perfect machine for shuttle-assisted bike parks as it provides a lift to the top, without burning any added energy for the next lap. 

Josh Bryceland:

“Strangely, once I got the first few sends out the way, I felt more confident riding the jumps on the eMTB. That added stability is a nice safety blanket for my rusty old self hitting jumps of this size!”

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