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4MFoundry Moto Kit For Sur Ron X // Segway X260

The Sur Ron X (or Segway X260) is undoubtedly one of the most popular electric dirt bikes to hit the market in recent years. It’s low-cost and versatile design makes it applicable to a wide range of riders in a wide range of riding environments. Although, If you’ve had the pleasure of riding the little electric dirt bike off road, it’s quite possible that you’ve noticed a major flaw with the bike’s design, specifically when you scoot your money maker into the proper attack position to hit a corner.

Where a conventional dirt bike holds its fuel, the Sur Ron utilizes a battery compartment. While we praise the Chinese manufacturer for making the batteries swappable with the turn of a key, it comes at a cost, specifically in the ergonomics department. Where a traditional modern dirt bike has another 8 inches of plush seat foam, the Sur Ron has a hard plastic battery door, covering the ideal spot to sit when it comes time to lean the bike on edge.

2022 Sur Ron XX Build by Electric Cycle Rider

The Sur Ron configuration appears as though we’ve digressed back to 1978. Not to knock the Honda CR250R Elsinore because that was truly an amazing and innovative bike for its time. However, that time was 43 years ago. Since then, motocross seats have become longer and evolved into more seamless styles, filling the void between hard and soft materials. The reason for ditching the 50/50 tank and seat split is simple: they are flat-out uncomfortable and inefficient when ridden properly. 

1978 Honda CR250R Elsinore

Luckily, the popularity of the Sur Ron X has naturally given way to an impressive amount of aftermarket offerings. Innovative companies with talented people behind them, looking to address the shortcomings and improve upon where Sur Ron left off.

Enter 4MFoundry. A Colorado based company that spotted the flaws of the seat and battery combination and worked to create a solution. It’s a body kit and full size motocross seat for the Sur Ron X and Segway X260. Turning the bike into what 4MF claims is “What Sur-Ron was meant to be”. 

The 4MF body kit, which features shrouds, front and rear fenders and a subframe, comes in the form of injection molded polypropylene, the same material which modern dirt bikes are all utilizing. The seat is removable by way of the integrated tail light, which doubles as a quick release button. 

4MFoundry Moto Kit for Sur Ron X and Segway X260

A few main features to point out are that despite the new configuration, the 4MF kit allows riders to retain the stock usage of the bike. Specifically, the battery can still be charged within the bike, thanks to a cut out on the left side shroud. Additionally, the battery display has not been covered up, so riders are still able to read the digital display on top of the battery. 

Electric Cycle Rider Sur Ron XX with 4MF Moto Kit
4MF Moto Kit for Sur Ron X Battery Cut Out

An added bonus is that racers or customizers can utilize the blank canvas for moto graphics, numbers, colors and designs of their choosing. Styling aside, the 4MF kit adds approximately ¾ of an inch of seat height and a comfortable spot for riders to place their knees, as well as fenders that actually block mud and dirt from covering the rider. 

Full Size Motocross Seat from 4MFoundry on the Electric Cycle Rider Sur Ron XX Build

Thanks to the prototype model we tested, we can indeed verify that this all helps, most notably with body position. It’s a welcomed feeling to throw your arse forward in a corner and be greeted with some cushion, rather than the hard plastic battery door that we’re used to. Steering the bike comfortably with your knees is another major benefit, as the stock design left us searching for an area to get a consistent grip.

As with anything, we can only speak so much about a product that is “in the works” but so far, the 4MF Moto Kit seems to be a big win for those who like to put their Sur Ron in the dirt. Check out 4MF here and keep an eye out for more on this kit, coming in 2022. 

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