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First Look: Land Moto District Electric Motorcycle

Land Moto set out to create an American-made electric motorcycle for riders of all ability levels. The result is the District, a lightweight naked street bike with an emphasis on style and sustainability.

We had the opportunity to take a first look at a pre-production model of the Land Moto District and while we were impressed overall, we’re going to give the production model a fair shake-down before formally reviewing the bike. That being said, at first blush, the District does appear to be a very promising motorcycle.

Power Specs:

  • 12kW Motor
  • 600 Amp Max, 3-phase AC controller with regenerative braking
  • Dual 1.8 kWh batteries

Chassis/Suspension/Brakes Specs:

  • Inverted cartridge style fork (120 mm / 4.7 in. travel)
  • Fox Float EVOL rear shock (100 mm / 4.0 in. travel)
  • MAGURA dual piston brakes
  • Pirelli Angel City 80/90-17 front tire
  • Pirelli Angel City 100/80-17 rear tire
  • 1.85 x 17 front wheel
  • 2.15 x 17 rear wheel

Dimension/Weight Specs:

  • 48 in. Wheelbase
  • 30 in. Seat Height
  • 150 lb Curb Weight
  • 375 lb Carrying Capacity

Stay tuned for more content with the Land Moto District. Visit the Land Moto site here.

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