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Zero DSR First Ride Review

The Zero DSR is the ultimate electric dual sport. Ride along with Electric Cycle Rider as we do a first ride review aboard the most capable dual-sport in its category.

The Zero DSR is an electric beast. It’s 14.4 KwH battery and 775 amp controller put out a whopping 116 ft lbs of torque and 70 horsepower. The DSR suspended by adjustable Showa suspension and Bosch ABS brakes. It is a legit full-size motorcycle weighing in a 419 pounds. Zero claims a range of 122 when riding the motorcycle in mixed highway/city conditions. The Zero DSR can be configured with either a Charge Tank or Power Tank. The Charge Tank allows the DSR to benefit from rapid charging at a level 2 charge station, allowing it to charge in under 2 hours. The Power Tank adds more range, allowing for an extra claimed 30 miles of range.

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