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The KYMCO F9 Is An Electric Scooter For Sportbike Lovers

Our first thought when we see someone riding a scooter is that they’d rather be either in a car or on a real motorcycle. How could a scooter be anyone’s first choice? The KYMCO F9 makes us think twice. 

Just look at it. It’s kind of sexy.

Kymco f9 scooter
Photo: KYMCO

Sharp lines run from the sleek dual-LED headlights down to the aerodynamic tail section that looks, dare we say it, R1-ish. Gold tri-spoke wheels look like baby Marchesini units and stand out all the better thanks to the KYMCO F9’s single-sided swingarm. 

Performance isn’t exactly superbike-level, of course, but the F9 offers plenty of grunt with a 9.4kW motor that puts down a little over 12 horsepower and 22 foot-pounds of torque. According to KYMCO, the F9 does a full 70 mph wide open and gets up to 75 miles on a single charge. 

It’s also worth noting that the new F9 scooter doesn’t just look advanced, it’s actually got some advanced features. 

Its two-speed automatic gearbox, for example, is a first for an electric bike according to KYMCO. Although the F9 has yet to hit showroom floors, KYMCO says the new scooter will do 0-30 in about three seconds, which ain’t half bad for a step-through.

The F9 also uses its battery box as a stressed member inside the frame to save weight and space, which further adds to the scooter’s sporty chops.

We’re still waiting on an MSRP for the KYMCO F9 (as well as any indication whether or not the scooter will make it into the US), and considering the fact it was initially unveiled at the end of 2020, we’re not feeling too optimistic.

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