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Polaris Partners With Zero Motorcycles For Electric Lineup

polaris partners with zero motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles recently announced they’ve inked a deal with powersports giant Polaris, setting them on the path to achieve their goal of becoming the “Powersports EV Leader” by 2025. 

The new agreement is a 10-year exclusive partnership that allows Zero to continue developing and manufacturing their own powertrain technology and software, while also supplying Polaris’ off-road vehicles with their motors and ZF lithium-ion batteries. 

Current plans include electrifying everything from side-by-sides to snowmobiles. We’re hoping to see a scary-fast RZR 2-seater sooner than later, but only time will tell.

The first Polaris vehicle, scheduled to debut later this year, is an electric Ranger side-by-side. Not surprisingly, Polaris has already disclosed that the new Ranger has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any utility side-by-side on the market, so we’re guessing the new line will spend as much time hauling ass it does hauling firewood or hunting gear. 

The latest press release from Zero states that the partnership focuses solely on off-road vehicles, but we can’t help but be reminded Polaris also happens to own Indian Motorcycles and an electric FTR might be too good to pass up. 

Polaris’ chairman and CEO Scott Wine has stated that he intends to have an all-electric vehicle option on offer in each of Polaris’ “core product segments” by 2025. Electric-powered Slingshot, anyone?

Side note: If you’ll recall, the last time Polaris dabbled in an electric partnership it was with a little company by the name of Brammo. After a few years of “joint efforts”, Polaris ultimately acquired Brammo’s electric motorcycle business outright in 2015. Brammo’s “Empulse” electric bike was moved under the Victory moniker shortly thereafter, and the easily forgotten Victory Empulse TT street bike was manufactured for just over a year before Polaris shut down Victory brand for good in 2017. 

Needless to say ECR will be keeping a close eye on the partnership and will keep you all posted with any new developments.

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