2022 SEM Venom Evolution


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Condition New
Type eBike
Make SEM
Model SEM Venom Evolution
Year 2022
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Condition New
Type eBike
Make SEM
Model SEM Venom Evolution
Year 2022
Mileage 0

SEM Venom Evolution – Pre-order

Available is 2 models. Dedicated dual drive system and also a pedal assist version. Prices will vary.

Typical lead time from ordering is 3-5 weeks.

Local pick up or shipping is available.



The frame, entirely designed and manufactured by us, has an original design that differs from the classic E-bikes on the market, recalls the motorcycle shapes above all for the position of the load-bearing central engine to which the front axle and the rear swingarm are connected.

This has mainly allowed two advantages: considerably reducing the weight of the vehicle, equally giving excellent rigidity and lowering the center of gravity, optimizing weight distribution and ensuring stability and easy handling in tackling and overcoming any obstacle, both downhill and uphill.

The material used is aluminum with parts molded with cold deformation technology and CNC machined parts.

Our models are equipped with a double-plate fork (different according to the equipment) with a 200 mm front and rear stroke that allows you to tackle any obstacle. Braking is guaranteed by 203 mm disc brakes on both wheels, the front 29 “and the rear 27.5”.



It is equipped with a central 4,000 W brushless SEM bearing motor integrated into the frame by means of billet housings.

This immediately guarantees the feeling of a motorcycle but with reduced weights and the handling of a Mtb.

Our MotoBike has a knob accelerator control that allows you to manage the desired power and a double mapping via a button control with which you can select a power of 4000W or 2000W. This possibility allows you to overcome the most complicated climbs and obstacles that would be difficult to overcome with a traditional e-bike.

The ride, comparable to that of a traditional MTB, allows you to choose the perfect symbiosis between power and autonomy at any time, combined with the level of exercise you prefer.



Still with a view not to weigh down our MotoBike, we have mounted a compact and essential display that manages the following data in real time:

instantaneous display of the battery charger and the detail of the relative values

instantaneous motor consumption

residual battery charge time proportional to the power level used

For more technical users, it is possible to vary the power delivery via Bluetooth transmitter and receiver to be connected to the controller and an application on a smartphone; all this allows you to adjust the values, customizing them according to your driving style and the routes you have to face.



As for autonomy, it is about 20-40% more than what you could get from the Sport mode of an E-MTB.
Equipped with a lithium ion battery, Samsung cells, with a capacity of 910 Wh; with a light pedal stroke and without using the engine too much, you can easily travel 40/50 km and 1,500 m in altitude, with a decidedly faster pace than a pedal-assisted bicycle, which will allow you to reach any destination.

The simplicity of replacing the battery allows the user to bring any spare battery with him; this will allow to travel considerable distances.
Be that as it may, in case you run out of energy, you still have the option of going home with the pedals!



The carbon covers, new in this model, enrich the design without compromising the lightness of the medium. A quick release system for fairings allows the battery to be replaced without the need for tools.



The bike has a dual transmission system that makes the engine independent of the traditional transmission. On the right there is a classic 11-speed transmission while on the left there is a transmission dedicated to the engine.

A feature to note is that the swingarm pivot is on the same axis as the engine transmission pinion; this allows, without the presence of a tensioner, to mount a chain or a carbon belt.

This makes it possible to move forward even without the use of pedaling and thus allows you to face any driving situation, even where pedaling is complicated, for example in more technical climbs, between narrow passages or on more difficult obstacles.

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