2022 Electric Motion Escape "R"


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Condition New
Type eMotorcycle
Make Electric Motion
Model Electric Motion Escape "R"
Year 2022
Mileage 0
Condition New
Type eMotorcycle
Make Electric Motion
Model Electric Motion Escape "R"
Year 2022
Mileage 0

2022 EM Escape “R”


  • The Electric Motion ESCAPE “R” is the ultimate mixture of trial and trail. It’s a combination of all our best parts, and when we add in it’s low eco-footprint and almost-silent operation, the gas-powered competition can’t even come close.
  • The most exciting feature of the ESCAPE “R” is its full-functioning Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch. Just like a gas bike, the clutch system on ESCAPE “R”lets the rider perfectly modulate the power; it is truly game-changing.
  • Add in the Hi-Capcity Battery and the seat, and you have a bike that can delivery hours of fun, performance, and comfort.


NEW FOR 2022




Straight from the racing department, the 2022 Escape “R” is now equipped with TKO, a major innovation for the rider.

With a simple flick of the switch, the rider can enable Tick Over, which enables an “idle” mode that turns the motor at a constant, sustained RPM without the throttle being turned. With TKO mode enabled, the bike gains additional precision in acceleration and traction, allowing the rider better control of the power at low revs.






For 2022, EM simplified the rider’s cockpit with an all-new control switch. Located on the left side of the bars, the new control switch carries out a multitude of functions.

On Escape “R”, the top grey button activates the Fixed Regenerative Braking system, which applies an engine brake force depending of the speed of the rear wheel. 

The map button at the bottom of the switch allows the rider to switch between maps. The LED at the center displays a color that corresponds with the current map selection.

Speaking of maps, Escape “R” has 6 total maps for 2022:

  • 3 “Standard” maps without TKO:

    • Green = Low Power

    • Blue = Medium power

    • Red = High/Full Power

  • 3 “Race” maps:

    • Green without TKO

    • Blue & Red with TKO


Epure Race haut Avant SMALL.jpg




For 2022, we have integrated the new LED headlight into an all new, sleek & lightweight headlight shell.

The new blue color for 2022 makes the already attractive ePure RACE even more striking!


Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.42.23 PM.png




An optional PRB “R” lever is available on the Escape “R” that allows for the integration of EM’s Progressive Regenerative Braking system with the hydraulic clutch.

With the optional “PRB “R” installed, a small ergonomic lever mounts to the clutch master cylinder just above the clutch lever. When the lever is pulled, it offers the performance of a progressive motor brake and regenerates the batter.

With a feel very similar to a handlebar-mounted rear brake, the farther the rider pulls the lever, the more the rear wheel slows down. This brake system is very safe in extreme conditions, providing braking that is precise and controlled.

The PRB “R” lever does not interfere with the clutch lever action; the rider can use one or the other independently, or both at the same time.

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12425 SE 282nd Ave c1, Boring, OR 97009, USA


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