2022 Electric Motion Escape


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Condition New
Type eMotorcycle
Make Electric Motion
Model Electric Motion Escape
Year 2022
Mileage 0
Condition New
Type eMotorcycle
Make Electric Motion
Model Electric Motion Escape
Year 2022
Mileage 0

2022 EM Escape


  • The Electric Motion Escape is the best choice for discrete, long-distance backcountry exploration; it’s eager to tackle the nastiest, most remote trails.
  • Escape’s near-silent operation and gentle footprint is easy on wildlife and the environment, and it’s large-capacity battery and comfortable seat make sure that you’re comfortable on long trips, and have enough juice to make it back.
  • Escape comes standard with Electric Motion’s patented PRB system, which gives you the option to increase your range even further.






Escape comes with the innovative Progressive Regenerative Brake (PRB) system standard on the left hand lever.

When PRB is enabled, the left hand lever works almost like a rear brake; pulling the lever engages the regenerative engine brake and slows the rear wheel, all while charging the battery. The farther the lever is pulled in, the more the rear wheel slows.






The extra-capacity battery on Escape allows you to have more fun, longer. The 2620 Wh battery in Escape ensures you have enough juice to do all the exploring you want.

With the included 15A charger, Escape takes 4.25 hours to charge. In hurry to get back out there? Upgrade to the 25A Quick Charger to be back on the trail in just over 3 hours.


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Another striking Electric Motion innovation for 2022 is the addition of Traction Control across the entire EM model lineup. In slick conditions, the strong power and torque can sometimes be hard to manage. To aid the rider, EM’s Traction Control limits torque and power at these crucial moments to improve traction. Traction Control can be turned ON and OFF at any time while riding by using the grey button located on the handlebar.


Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.42.01 PM.png




For 2022, EM simplified the rider’s cockpit with an all-new control switch. Located on the left side of the bars, the new control switch carries out a multitude of functions.

The button at the top of the handlebars allows the rider to switch the Traction Control system on and off.

The map button at the bottom of the switch allows the rider to switch between maps. The LED at the center displays a color that corresponds with the current map selection.

Speaking of maps, Escape has 3 total maps for 2022:

  • Green = Low Power

  • Blue = Medium power

  • Red = High/Full Power

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