ONYX Motorbikes


1924 East Maple Avenue, El Segundo, CA, USA


(310) 800-2531


A large part of ONYX’s vision is to bring people into the two-wheel lifestyle in any of the multitudes of ways our vehicles can bring unrealized value into people’s everyday lives. Once you get a bike, you become a two-wheel junkie. You’ll have a whole new lease on life.
Our bikes are designed with an innovative design perspective that is unlike any other bike in the world. We were inspired by the versatile form factor of the now vintage 50cc mopeds of the late 70s and early 80s. We used methodologies, like perfect geometry, and primitive design to bring a whole new functionality, look, feel, and ride to our riders. We knew that we could offer a “having your cake and eating it too” approach to our bikes. The bikes are form and function. We did not sacrifice any performance and ride quality in an effort to develop an aesthetically pleasing bike. We challenge you to find anything that even comes close to comparing.

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